Nirina, Lova, Soa, Tuléar
Smiling from ear to ear, Nirina, Lova and Soa welcome us into their small eatery. The eatery represents a huge victory for these young women who have all gone through a difficult period characterized by violence. Nirina and Lova are both victims of economic violence by their respective partners. Abandoned with their children by their partners, the two women benefited from psychosocial support from social workers of...
Marie, Sakaraha
“My name is Marie. I am 40 and I live in the Sakaraha district, a mining town in the South of Madagascar. I had a partner who was also the father of my son. We were not married. I was what is commonly known here as "Valy Safira" (Sapphire Wife - referring to the precious stones, which are the object of mining here), a woman who lives with a man without any official or legitimate link. He had the right to go...
« Since I arrived here, I have been 'overwhelmed' with work because I am alone at this duty station. Nonetheless I love my job and I am proud to be a midwife. » Elysa RASOAVINJANAHARY is a midwife at the Beroy Health Centre II in the Atsimo Andrefana region in Madagascar. She has been working there since 2016 and each day is different, a reality she has already gotten used to. "This morning I was carr...

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