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Back to dignity, back to school!

Coming from Ejeda, in southern of Madagascar, Fidéline had her first pregnancy at 15 y.o. The delivery was difficult and the work lasted more than 2 days, Fideline lost her baby and at the same time had obstetric fistula. Forced to live isolated from society because of her bad smell, she had  to leave school. In April 2018, Fidéline's aunt heard on the radio about the free repair operations for Obstetric Fistula in Ambovombe, Fidéline was 18 y.o. Without any hesitation, the two women took the 260 km travel to join the hospital.

Fidéline is among the 105 women during 2018 in the Androy region. She benefited from training in chicken farming and sewing. More and more fulfilled, Fideline has regained self-confidence and challenged herself to resume her studies from the 6th grade and at least obtain her bachelor's degree.