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On the road to Nairobi : Madagascar committed to accelerate ICPD25 promise.

As with other countries in the world, Madagascar joins the global consensus on the urgency of addressing population and development issues in order to advance the promise of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The review of the implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action focused on Sustainable Development Goals was conducted in Madagascar and remarkable and significant progress has been made in several areas during the twenty-five years of its implementation. These include :  

·A decrease in the maternal and neonatal mortality ratio ;

·An increase in the modern contraceptive prevalence rate ;

·An increase in the proportion of women who attend at least 4 prenatal visits, and

·A decrease in the total fertility rate.

However, despite this significant progress, the ICPD promise remain a dream for many women, girls and adolescents in Madagascar.


In line with Madagascar's vision of building a strong, prosperous nation for the dignity and well-being of Malagasy people, stakeholders have met to formulate Madagascar's commitment to accelerate the ICPD25 promise. Ministries, Non-Governmental Organization and UNFPA partners in the implementation of the 7th Programme were present at this commitment framing workshop. The national commitment to fulfill the ICPD promise will be presented at the Nairobi Summit in November.

In Madagascar, efforts are being intensified and largely centred on achieving the “three zeros:"

·Zero unmet need for family planning.

·Zero preventable maternal deaths.

· Zero gender-based violence and harmful practices against women, girls and youth.