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"Denounce the violence perpetrators even if it is our spouse"

Rasoa, 31-year-old, is a gender-based violence survivor. After daring to take the brink of denunciation, she benefited from the services of a Counselling and Legal Advice Center (CECJ) and socio-economic reintegration supported by UNFPA.


"I have five children, the youngest is 3. During the last five years, my husband has been hitting and humiliating me - it started from the birth of our fourth child and the arrival of a mistress in his life. I endured the violence because I wanted to preserve the unity of my family. I discussed our problem with my parents-in-law, they told me that they would talk to him and that I had to be patient because some day he would stop. Six months ago, when I told him that I was suffering from his violence and that I could not stand this situation anymore, he gave me a shot on the face and jostled me out of the house by pulling my hair. My children kept crying and begging him to stop but he did not care, I was hurt and did not know what to do. I decided to consult the Listening and Legal Advice Center (CECJ) and told my story. I was received by a social worker who listened attentively and informed me of possible recourses. She then accompanied me to the health center and took care of the medical expenses. The CECJ helped me draft the complaint and accompanied me to the judicial police. I won the case in court. The CECJ accompanies me and my children to monthly therapy to help us overcome this ordeal. Right now, I'm running a grocery store and in the same time, I decided to adopt a family planning method. I thank the CECJ for supporting me and I want to tell women that we must dare to denounce the perpetrators of violence even if it is our spouse.